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RAP 5001 Softlight

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This BIG vintage fixture has been sourced by Vintage Design Boutique from a national broadcaster and has been active in their mayor studio’s from the late 1980’s onward. It, along with many other models, have now been retired and are beginning their second life as mood lighting. Turn your space into a Hollywood film set and let your visitors feel glamorous by using these vintage tv and film lights!

The RAP 5001 was developed as a studio light. This large aperture luminaire is intended to create a very soft and powerful light, indirect lighting with a very diffuse field and without shadows. It is equipped with an aluminium symmetrical reflector which also dissipates the minimal heat the bulbs might generate. A second mirror simultaneously prevents and redirects or captures direct lamp light to the illuminated object, it is mounted on a turnable screened enclosure to ensure easy access to the bulbs. This eliminates glare or a hotspot effect without disturbing the even spread of light.

A strong aluminium yoke, holding both sides of the luminaire, provides considerable resistance to unwanted movement and vibration, and can rotate all around its axis. Effective clamping is achieved by means of two locking knobs: all knobs are heat insulated.

Ventilation apertures provide efficient heat dissipation through natural ventilation. Each model can be pole operated if required: the mechanism is soft and prevents shocks and vibrations to the lamp. Operation is not sensitive to heat nor inclination angle. Special attention has been given to mechanical joints to eliminate noise during heating and cooling. The soft light is built in accordance with professional specifications and international safety standards.

The fixtures can be mounted directly on the ceiling or need to be rigged with a clamp hook.

The energy consuming halogen bulbs have been replaced by four dimmable 15 Watt LED bulbs which can be switched on 2 by 2 or all four at the same time.

Pole operated model. Comes with barndoors.

A limited number of fixtures are available.

Manufacturer: ADB Lighting [1920-2015]

Period/Date: 1980-2015

Dimensions (mm): A 1020  - B 1020  -  C 885  -  D 370  -  E 885

Weight: 20,5 kgs

Options: ceiling mounted or clamp hook, powerplugs (PE, type E or CEE 16A)

Condition: Refurbished

Reference: RAP5001